As early as the 1980s, principal Stan Humphries was involved with providing design review to a wide range of projects to save energy while minimizing construction costs.  That experience reinforced the necessity on every project to evaluate the system costs, minimize the energy costs of the system and determine whether a payback of the system can justify the cost of the higher efficiency systems.

Budget and higher efficiency systems have always been a priority in our business.  Stan has been a LEEDTM Accredited Professional since the early 2000s when LEEDTM was being established.  LEEDTM comes easy to Stan as it provides a framework to plan more efficient building systems, something he has been doing his entire career. Stan was very excited to see LEEDTM and Green Building enter the main stream when AEC had a booth at the 2006 Greenbuild Conference in Denver.

What’s the best system for your project?  There may be one or multiple systems that can help you meet your team’s ideas and goals for the project.  We have the tools, background and technical expertise to meet your goals.  Let us help you determine the most efficient design for your application.

Our favorite projects below demonstrate the variety of energy efficient systems that we’ve successfully implemented:

  • Bud Werner Memorial Library, Steamboat Springs, LEEDTM Silver 30,000 sf Library
  • Montrose Elks, Montrose, 15,000 SF administrative building, geothermal heat pump design
  • Strawberry Park Lot 12, Beaver Creek, 10,000 SF residence, geothermal heat pump design
  • Spencer Lane Remodel, Routt County, fire mitigation / geothermal heat pump design, 12,000 SF residence
  • Tivoli Condominiums, Vail, 80,000 sf direct exchange geothermal for cooling, heat pumps for heating
  • Green Bridge Inn, Red Cliff, 15,000 SF solar collectors and photovoltaic panels
  • Park Place Condominiums, Steamboat Springs, 12,000 SF condos, geothermal heat pump design
  • Antlers Condominium pool/hot tubs, Vail, high efficiency boilers staged with standard efficiency
  • Temple & Link Residences, Steamboat Springs, 9,000 SF residence, geothermal heat pump design
Drilling for geothermal systems at a luxury residence in Strawberry Park Lot 12, Beaver Creek
Geothermal system set in place at theTivoli Lodge, Vail 


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