Geothermal systems provide a highly efficient heating and cooling system for residential and commercial applications. The basic concept of geothermal systems is that the earth’s steady ground temperature is drawn upon to extract heating and cooling, typically through heat pumps or by direct cooling.

We’ve completed dozens of projects utilizing the geothermal systems. The payback for these systems typically ranges from 5 years to over 10. Our first step on any geothermal project is to estimate construction costs and energy savings. We partner with Major Geothermal out of Denver for many of these projects. Major Geothermal is a geothermal and mechanical contractor who provides loop field design, distributes heat pumps, and installs heating and cooling systems. With their input we can accurately project costs and provide energy savings and payback analysis before investing significant design or construction monies.

The Montrose Elks Civic Building is the cover feature of the leading geothermal magazine, Geo Outlook. The historic Elks building in the Western Slope town of Montrose was recently renovated to create city offices. At the small parking lot our affiliate, Major Geothermal, planned a loop field of a dozen drill holes. This geothermal system is combined with a traditional boiler system. The majority of the heating is provided by the geothermal system; on the coldest days the boiler system will supplement the geothermal system. This combination of systems provides the highest optimization of the geothermal system.

Several of our employees are trained in geothermal design and have had experience designing these systems. With our experience, training, and critical input from the installer, we can make your next project successful with a high efficiency geothermal system.

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