With 20 years of design experience in the prestigious Colorado Mountain resort areas, Stan Humphries has designed lighting for some of the most beautiful architecture in the world.  The interiors and exteriors of these structures are planned down to the smallest detail, and AEC plans and designs lighting to the very same degree.

At AEC we can provide:

  • Conceptual lighting design for residential or commercial applications.
  • Lighting calculations for interior and exterior including vertical and horizontal calculations, uniformity ratios and more.
  • Lighting code and national lighting level standards analysis.
  • Lighting control strategies.
  • Lamp specification for high color rendering and warm color temperature.
  • Lamping comparisons for halogen, high intensity discharge and fluorescent.
  • Energy and maintenance efficiency analysis with paybacks in years and annual cost comparisons.
  • Dark Sky compliance orientated.
  • Parking area and building entry lighting design.
  • Architectural lighting for building façade illumination and highlighting.
  • Specialty lighting for sculptures, paintings and general artwork with lens and fixture specification for UV filtration.

Lighting Design Experience and Philosophy

A quality lighting design combines many elements such as the color and quality of the light, the positioning and direction of the lights, the arrangement of the lights, the user’s ability to control the lights, and coordination of lights with the structure and mechanical equipment.  Lighting can be a center point of a room, such as a chandelier or accent lighting.  Quality lighting will complement the architecture and interior of a room.

It is AEC’s priority to begin each project with clearly defining the goals and interests of the owner and architect.  Budgeting is one of those goals.  Our experience has shown that if a project budget is going over limit, the lighting budget is often one of the first budgets to be cut or trimmed down.  In order to save time and resources, we place heavy emphasis on designing to meet the established budget and creating a design that will be built as planned.

AEC understands that lighting is an integral part of a finished space, and that’s why we make it our priority to ensure that the lighting we design will work in the space planned.  The space includes architecture, interior finishes, artwork, structure, mechanical equipment, and more.   We strive to include and consider all of these elements in our final design to make a design perfect.  To accomplish this, we often work side by side with mechanical designers to improve the coordination of recessed lights with ductwork, or with interior designers to ensure that artwork will be perfectly complemented.

AEC takes great pride and enjoyment in providing the lighting design for every project we undertake.

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