• Geo-exchange heat pump design for residential and commercial applications.
  • Complete geo-exchange loop field design and field analysis accomplished through partnering with Major Geothermal
  • Air to Air heat pump design utilizing the latest technology from Daikin, Mistibushi, LG and other manufacturers.
  • Computer generated heat loss & heat gain calculations.
  • ASHRAE ventilation rates for acceptable Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).
  • Complete hydronic heating systems design including radiant floors, fan coils, and baseboard.
  • Complete forced air systems design for air conditioning, heating and ventilation.
  • Boiler systems design and piping.
  • Chiller systems, both air cooled and water cooled, for air conditioning.
  • Analysis for the Aspen Pitkin County Energy Conservation Code (APECC) compliance.
  • Model Energy Code analysis and compliance.
  • Humidification systems for comfort and interior environment stability.
  • Humidification systems for artwork being relocated to drastically drier climates.
  • Restaurant hood design including type I (grease laden) and type II systems.
  • Hydronic snowmelt systems.
  • Controls systems, Direct Digital Control (DDC) to simple electronic controls.
  • Mechanical systems troubleshooting and problem solving.
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